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How much do you take the clients wishes into consideration?

Designing a home comes with a high amount of responsibility on our part so that the outcome perfectly suits the needs of its inhabitants, while also bearing the traits of our design style and concept. We believe you choose us for a reason, and we embark on this journey together with trust and openness in order for us to create an inspirational, beautiful and also confortable space for you.


How do we prepare for a discussion with the architect?

We usually appreciate if you bring some examples of things you like. That can mean photos, materials, color schemes, anything that inspires you. Keep an open mind, relax and enjoy the process.

Should clients know what they want right from the beginning?

In most of the cases, our clients have a pretty clear idea of what they want or what they need. That is helpful for us to get to know you better and create a unique design for you specifically. In return, we also offer a clear image of our style and architectural vision, which ensures you know exactly what you can get from us. There are certain styles in which we do not work but also styles we like to experiment with. We evaluate stylistic compatibility in our initial discussion with the client, offer different options, ideas or solutions. We can work with however little a client knows his exact wishes as long as there is mutual understanding and a positive attitude.

How much should the client engage in the process?

This really depends on how much time you wish to invest in this process. We are able to navigate projects with minimal engagement from the client. We also offer construction site management services for situations where you can not be present on site for extended periods of time.

Do you offer online design services?

Yes, we have projects in different parts of the country and we manage them online. In these cases, we need a precise survey of the space or the site, for architectural services. We also need precise photographs and any other relevant information. The design process can then be conducted online. We also offer on site visits for an additional cost.

Can you design a classic style interior?

The classic style is one we personally choose not to explore and we strongly recommend you go further with an architect or designer with experience in this style, if that is what you wish.

Open floor plans or enclosed spaces?

Architecture is not only about geometry and volumes, it is also about breaking barriers, reinventing spaces as we know them, giving new sense to old ideas. There is no rule. We choose whatever we believe to best embrace the space we design.

Can I buy all the objects in the design project?

 Yes, we only use 3D objects of real products in our renderings, and we offer you a shopping list with links to each and every object we used in our design. The only thing we cannot guarantee you will find are the decorative objects or the artwork we use in visualizations. We also offer styling services for your interior after completion, in which we curate the decorative objects suitable for the space and atmosphere and we also recommend you artwork for your space.

What kind of materials do you prefer to work with?

Sustainability is the thing we are most preoccupied with. We not only try to incorporate as many sustainable materials such as wood, natural stone, linen, wool and other recyclable materials but we also strive to create timeless projects, which furthermore reduces its environmental impact.

Is it necessary for the construction process to be supervised?

The construction process is a very sensitive step in any project, where most of the technical problems are brought to surface. It it thus essential to closely supervise this step in order to make quick decisions that ensure the design and concept of the space are not affected.

Can you adapt to any budget?

Your budget is discussed from our first meeting and is something we strongly care about. But we also do not wish to set unrealistitc expectations. There is a minimal budget from which our designs start, as we aim high for both quality of the space planning and quality of the objects and materials used.

Can I contract a single room deisgn?

Yes, although we believe a space function as a whole and should be designed as such.

How long does it take for you to finish a project?

This depends on many variables of your space and needs, which we will thoroughly discuss together, but we can estimate a minimum of 1-2 months from our first meeting to the moment you are given the complete project album.



                  For any additional questions, feel free to send an inquiry to any of our platforms.

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